“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

We have always loved to travel and explore new places, but as life got busier our days spent traveling seemed to dwindle.  In 2016 we lost our dear friend suddenly and unexpectedly and it led us to reevaluate our own priorities.  Life is short and while we may have grand plans to see the world “later” we’ve learned that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  We want to explore the world now while we can and share this opportunity with our kids.  They won’t remember all the places we visit, but they will remember that we spent time together and exposed them to new cultures and ways of life.  It’s our hope that this will make them more open-minded, accepting, empathetic, adaptable humans.  There’s no right way to travel and we just hope to inspire others to see the world!


CEO (Chief Exploration Officer). Severe wanderlust. Hates to fly, but does it anyway. Will drop anything to plan a trip. Photographer wannabe. Always aiming to try new activities that push her comfort zone. Compulsive list maker. Occasional half marathoner. Youth sports enthusiast.

Favorite Travel Destination: Switzerland

Dream Destination: New Zealand


Entrepreneur. Goes along with Carrie’s travel ideas (as long as there’s wifi). Works and takes calls from crazy locations (if only his colleagues could see him). Gadget & technology junkie. Is on a mission to make our house the smartest around.

Favorite Travel Destination: Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Dream Destination: Africa


13 years old. Wanderlust like his mom. Aspiring photographer & videographer. Soccer. Basketball. Technically savvy. Loves to learn. Asks a lot of questions. Very social – loves hanging out with friends.

Favorite Travel Destination: Costa Rica

Dream Destination: Bora Bora

When he grows up…he wants to be an entrepreneur


10 years old. Adventurer of the family – will try anything. Always volunteers to go first. Loves all animals. Has a hamster. Wants a dog, bunny, horse, turtle, fish, chickens, dolphin….. Soccer. Theater. Art. Slime expert.

Favorite Travel Destination: Ireland

Dream Destination:  Atlantis, Bahamas

When she grows up…she wants to be a dog breeder


7 years old. The smallest, but possibly the loudest. First appearance is shy & quiet. Reality: thrill-seeker and piercing screams. Still loves to cuddle. Has been dribbling a soccer ball since he could walk. Has amassed an impressive collection of Hot Wheels. Baseball. Basketball. Minecraft. All things math.

Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii

Dream Destination:  China

When he grows up…he wants to work at a “Game Station”